As part of the global Omron Corporation, Omron Industrial Automation is a leading global manufacturer of both state-of-the-art industrial automation products and application know-how.

KAESER COMPRESSORS are one of the largest and most successful manufacturers of compressed air systems with over 5,000 employees worldwide.
Our primary goal is to provide exceptional customer service with innovative products and progressive system solutions.

UNIVERSAL MOTORS is a national company, created in 2004, dedicated to the commercialization, production and technical support of electric motors, variable speed drives, electric switchboards and speed reducers. Our products are distributed all over the country and abroad through specialized and qualified partners. We continually develop our organization and our products to provide advanced technology solutions and quality services that ensure that we are reliable and reliable partners. We are aware of the environmental problem so we are concerned with offering equipment of the highest energy saving and produced with recyclable materials.

When the name SEW-EURODRIVE comes up, most often the concept of "electric motors" comes first. That's right, because that's where our company started. However, the name SEW-EURODRIVE came to represent a lot more - and our spectrum of services has grown significantly.

Ebara Pumps Iberia, S.A. is a manufacturer of centrifugal pumps for many market applications, including HVAC, plumbing, recreation, waterworks, wastewater, irrigation and agriculture, aquaculture, steel mills and power plants.

Ebara also has solutions for Pumping Stations and Fire Pump Units.

Focusing on energy system of supply, storage, transmission, allotment and consumption, CHINT has core businesses of clean energy, energy allotment, big data and energy value-added services. Furthermore, CHINT pillar businesses include photovoltaic equipment, energy storage, power transmission & distribution, low-voltage apparatuses,intelligent terminals, software development and control automation. With developing into a platform enterprise, CHINT provides a package of energy solutions for public institutions, industrial & commercial users and terminal users, by building a regional smart energy operation ecosphere