Our company - ELECTROFLOW

"Automation and Industrial Maintenance”

Due to the economic climate in Portugal, we found that many companies no longer had enough room in their already tight budgets to replace faulty and sometimes outdated equipment and machinery. As of such they had to repair that same equipment as cost effectively as possible. In this economic downfall ElectroFlow was created to support the local industry, namely in Madeira. We put together a team of engineers to provide technical support in the fields of electro-mechanics, automation, control and instrumentation. We have a highly qualified and skilled team and on a regular basis reinforce their skills and know-how with training provided by the manufacturers of the brands we represent.

Our business consists of supplying equipment and technical support in several fields. In the field of automation, we commission, maintain, repair and setup field instruments, control valve actuators and positioners and their communication interfaces. At a programming level, we work with PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers), commission frequency inverters, integrated systems and present solutions as to optimize work and manufacturing processes.

In the field of electro-mechanics, we maintain and repair several types of equipment such as electric motors, all types of pumps, ventilators, hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems, HVAC, industrial refrigeration units, pressure booster systems, among others.

As equipment supply is concerned, we are official distributors for several brands in our region. The strong business relationships we have forged with our key suppliers assure us the credibility we need in our market, providing quality technical support and insuring customer satisfaction.